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Our goal is to help our clients level up, build better habits, improve performance & focus and overall be a better version of themselves. We use evidence based hypnotherapy tools, ICF style coaching, NLP and strategic inquiry to help our clients discover inner resources and inherent wisdom for a positive new change in their personal and professional life.We want to help you bridge from one set of life to another. So you can truly enjoy the game of life you are here to play.Let us help you with our innovative tools and years of experience in hypnotherapy and evidence-based coaching to break through anything that holds you back from living your best life.

What we Offer

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnosis is a natural and most effective way to reprogram the mind in a matter for a few sessions;

  • Weight Management Solutions
  • Overcome Phobias & Fears
  • Smoking Cessation & other addictions
  • Nervous patterns & habits
  • Performance Focus & Confidence

Transition Coaching

You are in limbo, one life has ended, another is about to begin. You need new skills, new mindset and completely breakthrough the old limiting patterns and behaviors. Transition coaching is about partnering up with you to help you identify your key quantum leap points in your thinking and patterns of behavior.
  • Love and relationships
  • Career and professional life
  • Executive coaching
  • Ayahuasca integration coaching

Online Hypnotherapy

Become a HypnoCloud member and gain unlimited access to:
  • over 100 hypnotherapy audio sessions
  • self-hypnosis scripts
  • personal growth workshops
  • live monthly meditations with of one HypnoCloud’s hypnotherapists

Meet Our Founder


Consulting NYC Hypnotist, Master NLP Practitioner, ICF Coach, Author

Nice to meet you! I have practiced hypnotherapy for more than 15 years in my NYC hypnotherapy office, and I’ve helped thousands of people change the course of their lives with the mind bending power of hypnosis. I am an agent of change. Book hypnotherapy sessions or transition coaching with me on-on-one. You can also explore my online hypnotherapy platform HypnoCloud and enjoy over 100 hypnosis audio sessions and other tools of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis.

I am eager to help you, as there is nothing more gratifying and rewarding than to seeing my clients overcome old fears, solve unique life problems and puzzles. There is an answer to every question and a path towards solution. Let me be your guide.

Watch this video to learn more about hypnosis

NYC Hypnotist Elena Mosaner in her Manhattan office working with clients to help them with stop smoking build confidence, improve performance, learn to forgive.


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What Clients Are Saying

“I am a professional fighter who competes in the UFC. Mental preparation is a very important component necessary to win. As an athlete I believe it’s as important to have your mind armed with the ability to focus and harness a level of confidence that will support your goal of not only winning the competition but having your head straight to train every day at 100 percent capacity."
Lymon Good
UFC Fighter, New York City
“I was diagnosed with a life-threatening blood clot in my leg, otherwise known as a deep vein thrombosis or DVT. Frankly it scared me quite a bit. When the clot was found, they rushed me to the emergency room for treatment and I wrote goodbye letters to my family because it looked like this could be the end.Blood clots claim hundreds of thousands of lives per year.”
Rich B.
New York City
"Elena was quite responsive to my initial inquiry and scheduled me asap. I was impressed with her rapid grasp of the issues i was explaining to her of the comprehensive circumstances i was inquiring about. She lead me through a session and even reacted to an interruption of it without being thrown off her course. The recording she has provided is already a valuable..."
New York City

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Asked Questions

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. It is very similar to the state of meditation, focused attention, or a dream-like state. While in the state of hypnosis your critical thinking is bypassed and selective thinking is established. Hypnotherapists use relaxation techniques to induce a receptive state of mind. During hypnosis, the client is given positive suggestions, deliberately designed affirmations, as part of the new growth mindset in line with client’s goals.

Hypnosis can be used for a variety of things. It is widely used to overcome bad habits and to help establish new behavior patterns. In general, hypnosis is used to program the mind to change a person’s belief system around a specific behavior. Since hypnosis involves deep mental relaxation, processes like guided visualization and mental forwarding can be used to enhance motivation and confidence in the desired outcomes.

 Lear more about hypnotherapy for Public Speaking and Social Confidence, Smoking cessation, Alcohol Cessation, Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright, Focus and Productivity, Weight Loss & Exercise Motivation, Stress Management & Relaxation Response, Sexual Performance Anxiety, Love & Relationships, Bad Habits, Irrational Fears & Phobias.

Absolutely anyone with normal intelligence (or above) can be hypnotized, as long as they are willing to follow the instructions of a hypnotist.

This is a an interesting question. Most hypnotherapists are trained to say no. However, in reality it is possible to make people do things against what they truly want or will for themselves. It has been done throughout the history of humankind.

It would take way too much time to hypnotize someone against their best interest and also it is not in the interest of a hypnotherapist to do so. We are in the business of helping people, not harming. Besides, who needs a law suit?

I often teach my clients how hypnosis works to help them build critical thinking. The best we can do is to understand the mechanics of influence and hypnosis – in order to stay immune to the outside (sometimes harmful) influence and suggestion.

The number of sessions depends on the issue you are working on. In general, at least two sessions are recommended to overcome a specific fear or build a new habit. In more complex hypnotherapy work like weight loss, alcohol cessation it may require up to five sessions. Smoking cessation is only one hypnosis session. All hypnosis sessions are recorded for you to use as a maintenance program, after your hypnosis sessions are complete.

Hypnotherapy Research


Research at Monash University has shown hypnotherapy can reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by 70% in patients.


Hypnosis has 70% success rate for drug addiction as detailed in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis


Hypnosis has 90.6% success rate for smoking cessation, according to University of Washington School of Medicine Study

Hypnotherapy vs Psychoanalysis


6 Sessions

Recovery Rate

93% Recovery after 6
sessions of hypnotherapy


300 Sessions

Recovery Rate

38% Recovery after 300
sessions of hypnotherapy

Source: Barrios, Alfred A. “Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal,” Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice ( link:

“1001 Affirmations to Level up Your Life”
by Elena Mosaner

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