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Using Hypnosis to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Hypnotism for a Broken Heart

How hypnosis can help you shed those extra pounds
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Welcome! Our Mission is to help you facilitate change and assist you in your personal growth. Hypnosis can help you release limiting beliefs, overcome unwanted behaviors and activate powerful inner resources for a positive change and well-being. In a hypnotic state you can visualize your goals and successfully program your mind with desired positive and empowering affirmations.

Elena Mosaner (Beloff)Book a Hypnosis Session with NYC Consulting Hypnotist Elena Mosaner (Beloff) today. While results may very from person to person, with hypnosis therapy you may Shed Extra Pounds, Stop Smoking, Overcome Performance Anxiety, Release Harmful Habits, Heal a Broken Heart, Motivate for Success, Manage Stress and more. Brand new self-improvement audio products are also available.

Elena Mosaner (Beloff) is an NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner with a Bachelor's of Science Degree from the New School University and Master's in Science in Executive Coaching from University of Texas. Elena has been practicing clinical hypnosis for over ten years.

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Elena Mosaner (Beloff) uniquely designs self-hypnosis audio programs. These audios use background music with binaural beats, which help induce a state of hypnotic receptivity.


"Going to see Elena Mosaner (Beloff) has been one of the most rational and important choices I have made in my life..." read more

"Elena Mosaner (Beloff) appeared in my life like the proverbial light bulb flashing above the head of animated characters in the cartoons. After randomly bumping into her one day and willfully undergoing a spontaneous induction in the street..." read more

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person