Looking for hypnotism in NYC? Before you make this life-changing decision, here are three very important things you should know:

– the hypnosis market is very competitive in NYC, know how to choose your hypnotist

– every hypnotist is unique, with a specific style and expertise, find the one that is right for you

– check your hypnotist’s credentials and biography to find the right fit

Over the years the number of practicing clinical hypnotists in NYC has increased significantly. There is a substantial demand for hypnosis therapy, as more positive light has been shined on clinical hypnotism by media. Oprah, Dr. Oz, various News channels have all expressed interest in the benefits of hypnotism for weight loss, stress reduction, smoking cessation and etc.

So, how do you track down a good hypnotist, who could really help you?

  1. Look for their credentials.  Most professional hypnotists are certified either by NGH ( National Guild of Hypnotists, IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists) or ASCH ( American Society of Clinical Hypnosis). It is always good if a hypnotist has at least one college degree in a related healthcare or personal growth field. Credentials in professional coaching by organizations like ICF ( International Coach Federation) are also a big plus.
  2. Study their web site. Clinical hypnotists with experience and expertise will have a very informative web site, with testimonials and reviews, blogs and articles, which they wrote and published.
  3. Look for their social proof. Have these hypnotists been on TV? Have they written a book? Have they made a film? Have there been any articles written about their work in newspapers or magazines?  Check their Facebook page/Linkedin profiles and Google reviews and see what their clients are saying abut their services. Check how many followers they have on their social media networks.
  4. Finally, make a phone call and have a chat with them. Ask your questions about how they could help you, what the hypnosis session would entail. Every hypnotist has a unique style and most hypnotists have an expertise, something they are either very good at or are passionate to work with.

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