It has been heartbreaking to see what has been happening with my fellow New Yorkers, since the beginning of the pandemic. I have lived in New York City for twenty years and now residing in my new home in San Diego California for a few years. I would make frequent visits to New York City to work with clients or teach workshops in the last few years. This won’t be happening for a while, due to the recent Covid 19 events.

I am glad there are online platforms like Zoom or Skype or even your good old phone – to help us stay connected. I have been doing many of my hypnosis and coaching sessions with New Yorkers online and will continue to do so.

To help you get some relief from the Covid 19 pandemic, I have designed some self-hypnosis audio sessions, and free videos. The three videos are designed to teach you self-hypnosis relaxation techniques to manage stress and anxiety, and become more aware of not touching your face for your own safety. Also, there is a video for smokers, who are ready to stop smoking with hypnosis techniques.

Please view the below videos.

10 self-hypnosis techniques to RELAX, Calm Down and to Program yourself for anything.

How to avoid touching your face with self-hypnosis for your Health and Safety.

Two self-hypnosis techniques to help you stop smoking now and live a healthy life.


For more information or to schedule your NYC hypnotherapy session online with one of our NYC hypnotherapists, call 646 450 8767.