How do I forget my ex with hypnosis therapy?

You will not completely forget them, because you can not erase memories, but you can make certain memories distant, unimportant almost like an old and hazy dream. Think of some old memories of either your first boyfriend or girlfriend or some event that mattered some time ago, but doesn’t matter so much anymore, because it is either resolved, or simply doesn’t hold the same meaning it used to. You don’t think about it anymore. It feels as if it is gone and forgotten. You can use hypnosis therapy to create the same type of distance from your current ex and the feelings and emotions associated with him or her.

Hypnosis therapy is widely used to help you heal a broken heart and move into a better and happier chapter of your life.

How does hypnosis work for a broken heart?

In the state of hypnosis ( deep mental relaxation) your mind is open to suggestion. Your hypnotist will help you relax, program your mind with positive affirmations and guide you into visualizing a new and happy phase in your life. A simple suggestion to detach from the memories associated with your ex will be given to you and sealed in your unconscious mind to help you distance yourself emotionally and mentally from this person.

Why is visualization important in hypnosis?

Visualization is a from of guided imagery. At least, according to Einstein “imagination is more powerful than knowledge.” In the imaginative state of mind, you can visualize your goals and desired outcomes. Athletes use visualization to rehearse their successes mentally, which helps them win their games, because the mind becomes more accepting of what the person wants and is capable of, in other words the visualization “erases” the doubts. In hypnosis for relationship break ups, visualization can be used to fast forward into the future, where you have completely moved on and you are focused on new and exciting things in your life, where your ex is an old and distant dream, which you can not and don’t want to recall anymore. At last, you can feel free and at ease.

How many hypnosis sessions are needed to mend a broken heart?

We highly recommend two hypnosis sessions to heal a broken heart. However, you will begin to see the results after the first hypnosis session.

After hypnosis sessions, you may realize and see for yourself that you are actually better off without the person who broke your heart.  There is a much better chapter ahead of you, better times and healthier relationships. Start with yourself. There is only one person you need back. And that is you.

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