Do you or someone you know fear flying? Many of us dream of traveling the world but some of us have a huge FEAR of boarding a plane and being in the sky. This can be the deal breaker which decides how you will travel the world. Statistically speaking planes are the safest way to travel the world. Yet, our fear will have us only dreaming of visiting Greece. If you dream of traveling but have a fear of flying then hypnotherapy can help. With hypnosis for Overcoming the Fear of Flying you can learn to quite the mind and learn to let go of this phobia.

When I work with my clients I help them identify their outcomes, reframe limiting beliefs and design specific suggestions that most fit their personal situations. I use various hypnotic inductions to trance, guided imagery, relaxation techniques and NLP exercises. I also teach my clients how to use self-hypnosis for mental relaxation and programming the mind.


Overcome the Fear of Flying with hypnosis in the NYC area or via Skype.

It typically takes two hypnosis sessions to help my clients permanently overcome a fear of flying. Through hypnosis you can release your fears and discomfort and learn self-hypnosis techniques to stay calm and relaxed.

There are three components that need to happen during the hypnosis session: 1. The establishment and anchoring of a positive feeling. 2. Mental rehearsal of a relaxed and positive experience on the airplane. 3. Positive suggestions to overcome a fear of flying.

A state of hypnosis is achieved by a hypnotic induction. Hypnotic state is similar to the state of deep meditation or a focused attention. There is nothing unordinary about the state of hypnosis, we naturally go in and out of this state on a day to day basis.

As a consulting hypnotist I am trained to induce such states in my clients and guide them through positive experiences while they are mentally relaxed and open to incoming ideas. It is almost like learning something new when you were in school. In order to learn, you have to focus and be interested in what you are learning. Hypnosis facilitates openness and suggestibility.

If you are afraid to fly you tend to experience a feeling of discomfort, tension and anxiety from being on the airplane or just thinking about it can give you anxiety alone. My first goal is to help my clients identify and establish the opposite of this feeling, which is a sense of relaxation, comfort and ease. 

While the client is in a state of deep relaxation, I guide them to think of a time when they have experienced this positive feeling or I instruct them to imagine a place of comfort like a tropical island or being by the lake. Once that positive feeling is established and they can feel it physically and emotionally, I ask them to anchor it with a deep breath or a mental picture, or even perhaps a word that they can say to themselves silently with their inner voice. The process of anchoring allows a client to create a permanent trigger, which they can use at will anytime and anywhere to access a desired feeling of ease and comfort.

The mental rehearsal of a positive experience on the airplane is important, as it naturally reinforces a belief and understanding that you can feel comfortable and relaxed on the plane at all times, even if there is turbulence. In trance you are able to see yourself board the plane, take off, airborne and landing while feeling totally calm and relaxed. This mental rehearsal leads you to reinforce a positive feeling of comfort . You will begin to understand that it is illogical to feel discomfort while flying, because feeling tense won’t stop the airplane from breaking and it won’t help you feel better, so you might as well just relax and trust the pilots do their work. On the top of all that, the odds of being killed on a airplane are 1 in 4 million.

Finally, while the client is deeply relaxed I give them positive suggestions ( affirmations) to reinforce the understanding of total safety when they fly, feeling of comfort at all times, and the ability to relax naturally at will.

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