Do you want to find the love of your life? Many of us want to be in loving relationships that will lead to a spouse for life. If you are looking to find the love of your life then hypnotherapy can help. With hypnosis for Love and Relationships you can learn to be more positive in order to attract your future spouse.

When I work with my clients I help them identify their outcomes, reframe limiting beliefs and design specific suggestions that most fit their personal situations. I use various hypnotic inductions to trance, guided imagery, relaxation techniques and NLP exercises. I also teach my clients how to use self-hypnosis for mental relaxation and programming the mind.


Love and Relationships with hypnosis in the NYC area or via Skype.

In just 2 or 3 sessions you can start living a life that helps you attract the love of your life.

How can I use hypnosis therapy to help me find a soulmate?

Hypnosis therapy doesn’t guarantee or help you meet your soulmate. Hypnosis therapy can enable you to get into the mental and emotional state of openness, readiness, sense of personal security and confidence, knowing what you want or don’t want. Your hypnotist coach will work with you to help you understand your values, increase self-esteem and clarify your sense of direction. With these components in place you are more likely to meet your counterpart for a relationship and love. It will just be the matter of time. There is plenty of fish in the sea!

Why is visualization so important in hypnosis?

Visualization doesn’t just work on some magical principal to help you attract love. No. It is pretty logical in fact. Through hypnosis and visualization, you will be guided to feel, see, hear or even imagine the touch and sensation of your desired outcome. This technique is often used in sports psychology, and it is called “priming.” It can also be used for relationships.

To improve your relationships you can imagine your outcome ( which you and your consulting hypnotist will identify in your first hypnosis session). In this desired future you will see yourself happy, getting what you want, feeling comfortable and relaxed, confident and secure every step of the way. You can visualize yourself on the date or even on a vacation or honey moon. It never hurts to imagine positive things. In fact, it will only strengthen your emotional connection and belief, that whatever you want is possible and achievable. You will begin to act and behave accordingly to this belief in a waking state and your every day life. This emotional and mental state of mind will help you open up, focus and see whatever and whoever is worth your attention and is meant to be in your space. It’s out there!

How can I use hypnosis to improve my dating life?

If you have doubts or insecurities about dating and being out there to meet your potential mate, you can use hypnosis therapy to help you boost your confidence and increase self-esteem. You can learn to become more present, more self-aware and positive. Your hypnotist will help you identify what some of your limiting beliefs are and together you will reframe them into positive empowering beliefs. These new beliefs, in the form of positive affirmations will be “instilled” in your unconscious mind through hypnosis. You will act what you think and believe.

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