Do you or someone you know suffer from Alcohol Addiction? Many of us like to indulge with a drink or two, but some of us can’t just stop at one drink which can become a BIG problem in our lives. Even at a certain point it can become unhealthy. If you are dealing with Alcohol Addiction and want to make changes to be able to live a more healthier life then hypnotherapy can help. With hypnosis for Alcohol Addiction you can learn to overcome this unhealthy harmful habit.

When I work with my clients I help them identify their outcomes, reframe limiting beliefs and design specific suggestions that most fit their personal situations. I use various hypnotic inductions to trance, guided imagery, relaxation techniques and NLP exercises. I also teach my clients how to use self-hypnosis for mental relaxation and programming the mind.


Overcome Alcohol Addiction with hypnosis in the NYC area or via Skype.

In just 5 sessions you can start living a life that you control, rather than it controlling you.

Hypnosis can be used to help people overcome bad habits. While results vary from person to person, you may overcome your drinking problem and gain confidence as non-drinker for the rest of your life.

Will hypnosis cure my alcohol addiction?

Hypnosis therapy may enable to you reduce the amount of alcohol you consume or you can stop drinking alcohol for the rest of your life.  Hypnosis therapy doesn’t cure anything, but this type of therapy may facilitate a positive change in your life with regards to the consumption of alcohol.

How does hypnosis work for the alcohol drinking problem?

During your hypnosis sessions you will: 1. envision two different paths, one of a drinker and one of a non-drinker. 2. you will raise your self-esteem and release any self-punishing and self-degrading way of thinking and believing about yourself. 3. you will forgive yourself and release any underlying guilt or shame, which is very common for alcohol drinkers. 

4. you will reconnect with your inner child, heal and forgive your past and those people who you believe could have hurt or mistreated you. 6. you will be hypnotized to accept a powerful hypnotic programming to lose any desire and need for drinking alcohol, you will see alcohol as a lousy poisonous substance.

Why do I need visualize myself as a drinker and non-drinker in hypnosis?

In a deep relaxed state of hypnosis, you can see how the path of drinking doesn’t get better, it only gets worse. This allows you see the misery and ruining nature of alcohol to the full extent, enabling you to make a decision to stay away from it.

Seeing yourself as a non-drinker allows you to see the positive benefits of your new way of life. You will see your life improve: better health, longevity, more meaningful l relationships, high self-esteem, more active life and etc.  Show your mind what you desire in a hypnotic state and it will do everything possible to help you achieve that, in a waking to state.

How many hypnosis sessions do I need to overcome a drinking problem?

We highly recommend five hypnosis sessions to help you gain confidence and stop the unwanted behavior of the unhealthy alcohol consumption. You will begin to see positive changes after your first hypnosis session.

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