Stage Fright for Performers – Hypnosis Audio


32 minutes.

Turn the stage fright into the performance delight. Connect with inner confidence and tune into your best version of artistic self.

This self-hypnosis audio is designed and narrated by hypnotherapist and coach Elena Mosaner.



This self-hyposis is designed for performers of all kinds and all levels. Elena Mosaner has originally designed this hypnosis audio program for herself in 2003 to help her build inner confidence as a performer and actor, when she was auditing for parts, modeling and taking acting classes in New York City. This audio is about 15 years old, but it is still one of the best sellers in our hypnosis downloads store at InsideHypnosis.

This Stage Fright hypnosis audio will induce a light state of trance, guiding you through healing vitalizations and imagery for self-discovery. You will imagine yourself being confident, resourceful, calm and at ease as a performer. You will guided to mentally rehearse an outstanding performance of any kind, enhancing your courage, confidence and removing fear and self-doubt. A powerful anchor will be set as trigger for confidence, which can be used at any time to access this desired state during the act of performance.

You can use this audio if you are an actor, musician, singer, talk show host, public speaker and if you are auditing for roles and parts.