Self-Awareness – Hypnosis Audio


26 minutes.

Self-awareness is one of the key components of emotional intelligence. With self-awareness you are able to expand your view and shift perception, allowing a greater connection to yourself and your surroundings.

This self-hypnosis audio is designed and narrated by hypnotherapist and coach Elena Mosaner



When you are self-aware, especially in challenging life situations, you are more likely to make better decisions and choices, those that are based on rational thinking, not emotion.

Self- awareness can give you a better sense of yourself and your surroundings. You will not be trapped in your feelings, emotions or insecurities that can pop out of nowhere. With self-awareness you feel more grounded and more aware of what’s going on around you, allowing you a non-reactive and non-impulsive behavior towards yourself and others. You remain calm, resourceful and able to quickly grasp your present reality with a sense of clarity and focus.

With this self-hypnosis audio program, you will learn to develop self- awareness and use it in your every day situations and circumstances. This self-hypnosis audio program guides you into a light state of trance, followed by positive suggestions to build self-awareness.

The more you practice self-awareness, the more you will enjoy your life and every moment as it goes by. With this self-hypnosis audio you will enhance your ability to stay more calm, positive and resourceful.

This hypnosis mp3 was designed by Elena Mosaner as an inspiration after reading and studying the concept of emotional intelligence by American psychologist Daniel Goleman. According to Goleman, there are five key elements to emotional intelligence Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social skills. This hypnosis audio is focused only on the first element of emotional intelligence – Self-Awareness.



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