Remove Mental Blocks – Hypnosis Audio


27 minutes

This recording will help you break free from the programming of the past; negative conditioned responses, disempowering beliefs and inhibitions which hold you back in life.

This self-hypnosis audio is designed and narrated by hypnotherapist and coach Elena Mosaner



We naturally imitate our environment since the day we are born. Events, people places and circumstances influence the way we form our model of the world. Our environment has a direct link to the beliefs we hold about ourselves, our possibilities and self-esteem.

Depending on your upbringing or the events you’ve been exposed to, your beliefs can be positive or sometimes limiting and disempowering. This hypnosis audio will help you understand the nature of your limiting beliefs. You will learn how to detach from the restrictions of the past. The audio will help you release mental barriers, stressful thoughts and gain freedom to be authentic you, more confident, easy going and positive.

This hypnosis mp3 was designed by Elena Mosaner as an inspiration after working with many clients over the years and helping them clear emotional blocks and limiting beliefs using hypnosis therapy. Some of the key components and insights derived from these many hypnosis sessions are used in the form of positive perception shifting suggestions in this self-hypnosis audio.

Get ready for a ride, this hypnosis audio may become a life changer!


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