Public Speaking Confidence – Hypnosis Audio


31 minutes.

This self-hypnosis audio session is designed to help you become a confident public speaker. You will be guided to revise and remove old fears and beliefs associated with with public speaking.

This self-hypnosis audio is designed and narrated by hypnotherapist and coach Elena Mosaner.



This self-hypnosis audio program will help you eliminate fears of public speaking. Positive suggestions for confidence, and an easy going attitude and ability to connect with your audience are given to you while you are deeply relaxed.

In the audio you will focus on silently repeating specific empowering positive suggestions for public speaking confidence. You will be guided to visualize a successful public speaking engagement or performance. Mental rehearsal can help you enhance your belief and confidence as a fearless public speaker. A personal trigger to the state of confidence and ease will be established by you during the audio, to help you access this desired comfortable state at will at any time.

This hypnosis mp3 was designed by Elena Mosaner after helping many clients over the years with public speaking anxiety. Some of the key suggestions from the hypnosis sessions for confidence and ease are  implemented in this hypnosis audio program.


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