Pain Management – Hypnosis Audio


17 minutes.

Trust your mind and body to release physical or emotional pain through deep hypnotic relaxation.

This self-hypnosis audio is designed by hypnotherapist and coach Elena Mosaner.



This self-hypnosis audio is designed for pain management. Visualization exercises and metaphors induce a healing soothing trance which will help you release pain from any part of your body. This audio can also be used to help release emotional pain, like from a loss or break-up.

Find a comfortable position, focus on the sound of the voice in the audio, listen to the music and the suggestions for deep relaxation. This hypnosis audio will leave you feeling refreshed and at ease mentally, emotionally and physically.

This hypnosis mp3 was originally designed by hypnotherapist Elena Mosaner as an inspiration after working with a pain management client in 2010. Since then, the audio has been successfully used by many of our clients as a pain management and self-soothing program, and it comes as a complimentary with a hypnosis session for pain management.


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