Hypnotic Ecstasy – Hypnosis Audio


21 minutes

Imagine having incredible energy run through your body, head to toe. Experience a natural ecstasy with this self-hypnosis audio physically, emotionally and mentally.

This self-hypnosis audio is designed and narrated by hypnotherapist and coach Elena Mosaner.



Hypnotic Ecstasy audio is designed to energize the listener, inducing a very light state of heightened awareness and natural excitement. It follows with suggestions for the physical release of the natural chemicals conducive for a happy mood and joy. Positive empowering affirmations for well-being, confidence and motivation are also included in this audio.

Hypnotic Ecstasy self-hypnosis audio is designed unlike any other self-hypnosis audios Elena Mosaner has previously produced. It was designed many years ago and still is one of the most populars audios in our digital store.

The hypnosis mp3 was originally created  as an inspiration of the happy and joyous mental states Ms.Mosaner experienced during deep meditation, chanting and sufi dance.


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