Enhance Your Memory – Hypnosis Audio


25 minutes

Improve your memory by learning how to focus and relax when you try to memorize or retrieve information.

This self-hypnosis audio is designed and narrated by hypnotherapist and coach Elena Mosaner



Short-term memory acts as a kind of like a“scratch-pad” for temporary recall of the information, which is being processed at any point in time. It is similar to “the brain’s Post-it note”. It holds a small amount of information in mind in an active, readily-available state for a short period of time, anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds, or sometimes up to a minute.

This information will quickly disappear unless you make a conscious effort to retain it, making it part of the long term memory.  Long-term memory is intended for storage of information over a long periods of time. It can store a seemingly unlimited amount of informational throughout your life.

Ability to focus on the incoming information can help you absorb it better, and make the new information part of both short and long term memory. The transfer of information to long term memory, a more permanent storage can be facilitated or improved by focusing and mental repetition of the information or, even more  – by giving it a meaning and associating it with other previously acquired knowledge. Ability to relax mentally and reduce mental noise can help you retrieve information and enhance your recall.

This self-hypnosis audio will help you understand the mechanics of your memory and improve your ability to focus when you try to memorize something. You will learn to relax mentally when you try to retrieve information.  Suggestions for self-esteem and reinforcement of your belief system in memory improvement and ability to succeed are included in this hypnosis mp3 digital recording.


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