People are often intrigued by hypnosis and how it works in clinical setting. In this part of my blog I will be describing hypnosis sessions with my clients. All names will be changed and situations slightly modified for the purposes of clients’ confidentiality.

A hypnosis session is typically divided into two parts, a 45-minute pre-talk and a 45-minute hypnosis session. During the pre talk my job as a clinical hypnotist is to help my clients identify their desired outcomes and their limiting beliefs, which stand in way of attaining these outcomes. I like to call these limiting beliefs “thought viruses”, because they tend to slow down a normal healthy functioning of the mental and physical capacities.

Janet came to me with a rare fear, she was petrified of sex. She described that while she wanted to enjoy sex, she at the same time often felt disgusted by it. Every time she was about to have sex she would get overwhelmed with feelings of resentment, shame and anger. As I interviewed her and did a brief regression, we identified that her beliefs about sex were formed at a young age. She was growing up with a mother who had a drinking problem, was careless, promiscuous and often brought random men in the house. Little Janet continuously witnessed this behavior, as she heard inapproroate sexual sounds, saw messy rooms and her distraught mother when the men were gone. Jane started to develop anger towards her mother and her sexual promiscuity, overall thinking of sex as a bad thing. Her immediate interpretation of sex was, “it’s dirty, it causes bad feelings.”

During the regression I have also used a special metaphor by having Janet imagine and pretend she was her mother for a moment. When she associated with her, she spoke in her mother’s voice and tone, and was able to answer my questions as her mother would. Ultimately, Janet was able to forgive her mother, as she understood her mother was in lot of pain, lost, lonely and never meant to hurt her daughter with her behavior.

After this exercise, I induced a deeper state of physical and mental relaxation and gave Janet positive suggestions to help her rewire her beliefs about sex. This is my favorite part, because beliefs determine our actions and behaviors. We form beliefs during the course of our lives, copy them from other people, places and situations, into which we are exposed to. Whatever they are, positive or negative, they tend to shape your lives.

Here is a brief version of Janet’s new personal script we were able to design, with positive suggestions: “From this time onward your feelings about sex have changed. You are free to enjoy sex, as you let go of the past. You understand that your mother’s behavior has no effect on how you think about sex today. She had her difficulties and they have nothing to do with you. You understand your mother didn’t mean to hurt you, she had a lot to deal with and was in lot of pain herself. You choose to forgive her. All connections with the past have been broken. From now on your thoughts about sex are always loving and positive. Sex is always enjoyable to you. You are always in the moment when you have sex and connected with your partner 100 percent. You are free to enjoy it, free to be yourself, free to immerse yourself in this most pleasureble human activity, glide with it, enjoy every second, every movement, every sound, every breath you take.”

To put it simply, I help my clients rewrite their personal stories with the uniquely designed personal suggestions. This allows them to look on their past situations from a much bigger, loving and wiser point-of-view, detached from blaming, guilt or resentment and so on.

Hypnosis is a process of transmitting ideas via a state of receptivity. It is a natural process, that can take place through repetition of an idea, conditioning techniques, visualization of the outcomes and etc. All you need is the right type of positive suggestions and a state of focused attention, induced in a clinical setting by a qualified hypnotherapist, or yourself if you practice self-hypnosis.

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