The first questions potential clients ask a clinical hypnotist are: “how much do hypnosis sessions cost” and  “how many sessions are needed to work on an issue?”

Fees of course vary from hypnotist to hypnotist. Experience and location of the practitioner also define the price. Hypnosis in NYC can be fairly expensive. On the average a professional hypnotist in Manhattan with experience of over ten years would charge from $200 to $400 per hour. It usually takes two hypnosis sessions to work on a specific issue. If it’s per hour basis charge then your first hypnosis session may last anywhere from one hour and forty-five minutes to two hours, which drive up the cost for the first session. Follow up hypnosis sessions usually last 45 minutes to an hour.  Some hypnotists charge a flat fee of $250 per hypnosis session, which may last up to two or more hours, depending on a hypnotist.

Some hypnotherapists that charge up to $1000 per hour. The high price is usually because they are either famous or focus on doing mainly workshops and large group sessions and seminars, which leaves them wth less time for individuals hypnosis sessions, as well as puts them in a high demand bracket.

Smoking cessation sessions normally require one session.  The cost can vary between $250 to $450 per session. If the price is high, that means you get a better location and a more experienced hypnotist.

Hypnosis sessions for weight loss vary from person to person and depend on how much weight a client wants to lose. Most hypnotists in Manhattan charge $250 or $400 per weight loss session and require a commitment to five or six sessions for better results. It is common for a client to pay in advance for the amount of sessions required for weight loss program.

All of these fees are quoted in year of 2018. Fees change with time due to inflation.

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