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All self-hypnosis audios are uniquely designed and narrated by Elena Mosaner (Beloff). Elena also custom designs self-hypnosis audios for specific client's issues. If you are interested in ordering a customized audio, click here.

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HypnoPack7 Weight-Loss Audio by Elena Mosaner (Beloff)


Weight-Loss Audio by Elena Mosaner (Beloff)$149.99

HypnoPack7 is a unique weight loss audio program designed and narrated by hypnotist Elena Mosaner (Beloff). HypnoPack7 consists of seven 15 to 20 minute self-hypnosis audios, designed to reprogram the mind to eat healthy, eat less, exercise regularly and stay away from junk food and sugar. For optimal results, it is recommended that you listen to these audios every morning for seven days. After that, any of the audios can be used for reinforcement and maintenance, in the same sequence or randomly.

Each audio can be bought separately for $29.99. It is recommended that you listen to all seven audios for better results.

Visualize a slim body.$29.99

Audio 1 of the HypnoPack 7 is designed to help you visualize a mental image of how you want your body to look: Slim, healthy, the weight gone from exactly the right places. You will decide to an exact number how much weight you want to lose. This number will be programmed into your unconscious mind. It is well-documented that whatever we visualize tends to materialize. This mental rehearsing of your desired goal naturally directs your actions and behaviors towards achieving it in your waking state. This is not magic. It is simply how the mind works. When your mind sees a desired outcome as if it has already happened, it will do everything possible to achieve it. Mental visualization of your goal is your key to success!

Eat slowly, eat less.$29.99

Audio 2 of HypnoPack 7 program is designed to help you eat slowly and feel fully satisfied after eating less food than usual. People lose weight after gastric bypass and other surgeries because their stomachs are reduced in size and they have less capacity for food, so they learn to eat less. This audio program will naturally program your mind to eat less by becoming a gourmet of food: you will be hypnotized to take your time and eat at a much slower tempo, spending a few moments smelling the aromas, paying attention to the textures of your food before you begin eating. As you begin eating you will chew very slowly, which is great for your digestion and overall health. You will be surprised and amazed how by the time you are finished with half of your regular portion you will already feel very satiated. This satisfied feeling will last until your next regular meal.

Exercise motivator.$29.99

Audio 3 of HypnoPack 7 will motivate you to exercise regularly. It is known that it takes about 4 weeks to form a new habit. Constant conscious repetition of a specific behavior and discipline can help someone develop a new pattern or a habit. Hypnosis helps change the behavior more rapidly. While in trance, you can focus on one specific idea over and over. You can repeat it silently to yourself or have a hypnotist repeat the affirmation to you, or both. This will allow you to attain a new pattern of behavior naturally and quickly. "You exercise daily and you enjoy it very much. You cannot wait to exercise." - These ideas will be instilled in your unconscious mind, driving your behavior and influencing your daily activities in new and healthy ways. You are also guided to visualize the positive effects of exercising and the benefits of self-discipline, which once again excites your mind and sets you on the path of success.

Stay away from junk foods and sugar.$29.99

Audio 4 of HypnoPack7 is designed to help you stay away from junk foods, sugar and snacking between meals. Sugar is extremely dangerous. After a "sugar high" a person naturally tends to experience a minor lowering of the mood, caused by the natural production of insulin to lower an increased amount of blood sugar. This eventually causes a person to want to consume more sugar which may turn into a form of addiction. Fast foods lack necessary nutrients and are a major cause of weight gain and poor health. They are made out of processed devitalized ingredients or refined flour and are high on carbohydrates, which turns to sugar. Cutting sugar from one's diet, consuming fewer carbohydrates and staying away from junk foods naturally leads to weight loss. This self-hypnosis audio will reinforce an indifferent attitude towards these foods. You will naturally stay away from junk foods, desserts, sugar and inevitably begin to check the ingredient boxes on your products before purchasing them. It will be easy for you to say no sugar and junk foods.

Eat healthy foods.$29.99

Audio 5 of HypnoPack 7 is highly recommended to listen after you have conditioned yourself to stay away from sugar and junk foods. This program will hypnotize you to eat healthy foods, like vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, grains and proteins like fish, poultry or lean meats. If you are a vegetarian you will naturally disregard any suggestions for meat or fish, as stated in the audio. After listening to this audio, you will develop a natural craving for healthy foods only. Repeat suggestions from the previous audios for eating less, exercising regularly and staying away from junk food and sugar are also included in this audio.

Energy booster.$29.99

Audio 6 of HypnoPack 7 is a special follow up self-hypnosis which is designed to increase self-esteem, instill a positive mental attitude, and boost overall energy. All suggestions for weight loss from the previous audios are reinforced as part of this self-hypnosis audio.

Release tension, sleep better.$29.99

Audio 7 of HypnoPack 7 can be listened to at night before bedtime. This self-hypnosis program reinforces all the positive suggestions for weight loss. This audio also helps you release any stress or tension and naturally induces a sleep-like state for the night. After a 7 day program, this audio can be listened before bedtime anytime.