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"Going to see Elena Mosaner (Beloff) has been one of the most rational and important choices I have made in my life. To come across a professional that can unearth and see you beneath whatever your confinement may be - is a truly remarkable experience. Rest assured, you will be met with openness, compassion and the highest level of professionalism. Through dead-on precision and ease I was guided through to the other side, and woke up to see something I had long-since forgotten - myself."

Emily Pfeffer, 26, saw Beloff for success motivation.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"Elena Mosaner (Beloff) appeared in my life like the proverbial light bulb flashing above the head of animated characters in the cartoons. After randomly bumping into her one day and willfully undergoing a spontaneous induction in the street, I began to wake up in the mornings with an inexplicable lightheartedness and optimism that I had not experienced in years. At the time I was actually recovering from a spell of severe depression following a long period of unemployment and a relocation that abruptly severed many deep and personal relationships. I had no idea what Elena had done to my mind and I wrote her to learn a bit more about the practice of hypnotherapy. What I discovered from actively participating in group sessions and performing basic inductions on my self and others under her guidance was profound in its simplicity. The effectiveness of her technique to me was rooted in learning how to speak positive and affectionate beliefs directly to my own mind the way one would communicate with a child, a beloved pet, or even a favorite plant. Like any other art form there are elements of Elena's practice that are theatrical, sensual, humorous, playful, intuitive, and instructive. The most valuable thing I have taken away from the experience however, is learning the power of consistently speaking good things into my life and also the lives of others, and permitting myself the luxury (and courage) to actually believe in them."

Marcus M.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"I couldn't be more grateful for the hypnosis services Elena Mosaner (Beloff) at Inside Hypnosis provided me with. First I was able to quit smoking with Elena's expertise and services. Second when she learned that I was concerned about gaining weight after quitting smoking she helped me with weight loss hypnosis. It has been 3 months and I am a non smoker that has lost 10lbs. Thank you"

Kevin J, 40 saw Beloff for smoking cessation

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"Five months ago, I was in a very dark place that I couldn't function through my everyday life. I wasn't able to focus in school and risked being dismissed academically. I couldn't eat or sleep, and lost over 10 pounds. There were many times I wished I could just disappeared into thin air if that means I wouldn't have to bear that unbearable pain anymore.
Five months later after working with Elena, my life has started to turn aorund. I have again found joy, peace, and most importantly, hope, to go forward with my life. I thank Elena for helping me put my life back together, but more than anything, I want to thank her for she genuinely cares, for being there for me when I was all alone and had no where to turn to."

Sandy P.S, 26 saw Elena for Stress Management

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"I tried your hypnosis online. It was the most effect one I have tried. I have a hard time with certain voices. Your voice was amazing. I seem to fight other ones, but your really truly made me feel relaxed and comfortable. So thank you kindly."

Swawn Richards tries Elena's free youtube hypnosis videos

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"I am doing very well. My last encounter was perfect, no issues what so-ever. The sessions seem to be working, no hang-ups, getting lost in the moment, having fun. I'm much more confident, a lot less comparing, being happy with myself."

L.T. 40, saw Elena for sexual performance anxiety

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"Thanks for audio track. It had an unexpected bonus. Some time ago I purchased a self-Assembly computer desk. When I got it home I opened the package, but it was baffling to assemble. The instructions were meager, the amount of work would be huge. I put it all back in its packaging and put that in a corner. To be done another time.That was months ago. It seemed so difficult and time consuming I could not face it. At the end of the audio track you suggest making some positive affirmations. I wanted to give it a try, but what to affirm for? The self assembly desk popped into my head. So I did a couple of minutes of affirmations regarding getting that done. It was not big deal. A bit half-hearted really. A few days later I was having trouble sleeping. I got out of bed and pottered around my living room, keeping myself occupied. I was still restless.I was looking for something to do. The thought that I could have another attempt at assembling that computer desk came to me. I wasn't very enthusiastic but I started. I was still doing it an hour later, but I was making progress. It took another two hours to complete it, but I finished it!
I did not recall I had made the affirmations until I was an hour or so into it. The whole thing seemed to happen by chance. It could just have been a co-incidence, but that package has been here for months. I am inclined to believe it was the affirmations. Many thanks"

Mike, bought Elena's Narcotic Sleep self-hypnosis audio.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"Elena Mosaner (Beloff) changed my life! She made it possible for me to have a viable career as a performing musician. When I went to her, I had a terrible and debilitating stage fright. After three hypnosis sessions I can now play to fully packed houses without any trouble! For my entire playing career, I had severe anxiety. It was characterized by a shortness of breath, a high pulse rate and blood pressure and a belief that the audience was antagonistic or hostile. I had tried everything to control my stress from beta-blockers, meditation/yoga, to medication all to no avail. The night before an important event I would have trouble sleeping and would lose my appetite the day of the performance. These could be anything from playing for my peers to playing for a paying audience. The issue was not who was listening because whomever they were, they were against me and wanted to see me fail; at least so I thought.

After no improvement with the various methods I turned to hypnosis. Convinced by the dismal track record, I felt I had nothing to lose. However, to my great surprise, after the first session, I immediately felt a difference! During the interview at that session, we searched for the cause for the anxiety, the trigger to the stressful feelings. Once found, Elena was able to remove that trigger and replace it with a positive affirmation, which could be activated subconsciously when it was time to perform. Since hypnosis works on such a deep level there is no conscious effort needed in order to create good feelings; it just happens. At my next performance, much to my amazement, I did not have to do any mental cheerleading; I simply did not feel the once familiar anxiety. In fact, if anything, I had to get used to feeling calm for a performance, imagine that!

If you have experienced any of these feelings that I once did, don't hesitate, make an appointment! It is amazing how easy and successful hypnosis can be and how quickly it can change your life!"

Ian Shafer, 33, a professional oboe player who saw Beloff for performance anxiety.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"I had taken public speaking courses before through Toastmasters, but I was still anxious about an important presentation to 100+ people at an industry conference. I decided to try hypnosis, even though I was somewhat skeptical about its effectiveness. Elena was very professional and took time to explain how hypnosis can help with my type of phobia. After one session, I was able to control my anxiety leading up to the event. I felt very confident during the presentation."

John S, 39.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"Before being treated by Elena, I had been trying to quit smoking for 10 years unsuccessfully because in my mind, I'd always find a reason to go back. Elena did it in one hour! It's been more than three years smoke-free so far! You can not imagine how grateful I am!"

Price B. 35

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

"I turned to hypnosis with a desire to gain control in my life in regards to time. For years the idea of getting through my daily schedule punctually seemed like an overwhelming task. As I became busier the problem got worse and I garnered a reputation amongst friends and colleagues of always being late. I needed a drastic change, I decided to try hypnosis not knowing what to expect. As I had hoped hypnosis has made a drastic difference in how I relate to time. I feel confident every mourning knowing that I have given myself the time I need to be punctual and therefore successful in my life, career and relationships. I am very grateful for the experience."

Elena Goode, saw Elena for Time Management

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person