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In order to benefit from hypnosis I recommend at least two sessions to work on a specific issue. A first session typically lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours, follow up sessions usually last for about one hour.

Hypnosis Sessions with Elena Mosaner (Beloff)

Smoking Cessation

If you are at the point in your life when you can say with 100% honesty that you are sick and tired of being a smoker - then hypnosis is your solution. Conversely, if you are not really sure whether you want to stop and you simply want to try hypnosis just to see how it works - it will not work for you, because deep down you don't want to stop. Hypnosis can help you get what you truly want for yourself. Do you want to become a non-smoker today?

Performance Anxiety

All types of performance anxiety have something in common: limiting beliefs based on some past failure, traumatic event/incident or someone's harsh comment or judgment. This causes low self-esteem, constant over playing of the negative inner dialogue and poor mental imagery of your performance. Such beliefs and images affect one's behavior in a constricting and inhibiting manner. Through hypnosis you can easily reprogram mental images, beliefs, break down the connections with past events. Newly instilled positive beliefs and exciting imagery will affect one's behavior in a new empowering way.


Most phobias, just like performance anxieties originate with some past event/trauma or bad experience in life. Phobias vary from something common as fears of flying, driving, being in open spaces, elevators, dogs, to something unique and rare as fears of thunderstorms, sex and etc. Fears produce specific messages or commands, like "hide", "run", stay vigilant" and etc. All of the phobias are irrational in nature and most of my clients are aware of that - otherwise they wouldn't be in my office. However, the fear is so deeply permeating in one's unconscious mind that the person usually believes in its messages with a profound sense of conviction. That of course, affects his or her behavior negatively.

The beliefs associated with fears can be reframed and reprogrammed with hypnosis. Triggers to the feelings of comfort and safety can be set with NLP anchoring strategies. I also use mental rehearsal of positive outcomes so that the subject can relive his or her experience with the sense of calm, comfort and confidence.

Success Motivation

It is common for people with the lack of motivation to procrastinate, delay, self-sabotage and not believe in themselves. These people have either low self-esteem or often think they don't deserve success. These patterns of behavior and self-imposed limitations can be eliminated with the programming of powerful affirmations for success, ego- strengthening exercises, and guided imagery of the desired outcome. I spend some time helping my clients clarify a well-formed outcome, so that I am able to future pace them into seeing, feeling and hearing what's it like it to have what they want. Their mind gets seduced by the imagery of their goal and hence motivates them to achieve it in the waking state.

Addictions (alcohol, sweets etc.)

Often addictions have something to do with past hurts, anger or inner conflicts. Hypnosis can help you resolve such issues and build powerful resources necessary to interact with the environment in a healthy and happy way. Also, addicts often hold beliefs like: "it is hard to quit my habit," or "alcohol makes me feel more relaxed or happy," or "I feel better and peaceful when eating sweets." These beliefs determine their self-distractive way of living, even though consciously they know that the addiction is bad for them. Beliefs and triggers associated with the addiction can be removed and reframed with hypnosis. It is easy to stop the addiction, you just have to put your mind to it. Hypnosis can help you achieve that.

Bad Habits

Most bad habits are associated with some positive feeling of satisfaction, otherwise you wouldn't be doing it. Such associations are stored in your unconscious mind. Through hypnosis we can rewire these associations and inform your mind about the negative effects and consequences of your bad habit.

Nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking, thumb sucking are common bad habits that can easily be overcome and replaced with new positive and healthy habits.

Easing Someone or Something From the Mind

Obsessive thinking over someone can be quite detrimental for health, as it takes up the energy away from what you are supposed to be doing or focusing on. It can be mentally exhausting and time consuming. Consciously you can rationalize the experience, however your mind usually has a different way of thinking, feeling and believing. Fortunately and undoubtedly there is always a positive lesson from all the encounters and experiences that take place in our lives. Hypnosis and NLP techniques like Meta Position can help you elicit the positive lessons, rationalize the relationship and emotionally detach from the person and feeling. You will naturally shift focus to a new life direction and activity, healthy for your mind and body.

Pain Management

It normally requires a few or more sessions to evaluate and assess the pain and elicit the hypnotic strategy and technique to manage it. The strategies vary and each one can be beneficial alone or all combined. They are:

  1. Unconscious exploration to resolve conflict/past traumas,
  2. Ego-strengthening suggestions for self-esteem,
  3. Metaphors for creating anesthesia/analgesia,
  4. Cognitive- perceptual alteration of pain, or
  5. Eliciting mystical experiences to help distract and decrease the awareness of pain.

Guided Meditation

Meditation can enhance mental health, reduce stress and help you naturally and effortlessly grow in the direction of your life purpose or simply overall happiness and well being. It allows you to think more positively, rationally, objectively, with much clarity and at the same time with the sense of openness and novelty. It enhances your ability to be in the moment and to make every day decisions based on a powerful place of wisdom, kindness, love, compassion and forgiveness. Meditation grounds you and helps you disconnect from painful unwanted ego-based emotions. Guided Meditation can be compared to a massage of the mind.

At the base of meditation lies a powerful state of thoughtlessness. If you practice "thoughtlessness" for a prolonged amount of time daily, you will be able to reach profound levels of enlightenment during meditation sessions.

I teach my clients how to meditate using breathing and relaxation techniques. I also use various hypnotic inductions to produce healing trance states.