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NYC Hypnotist Elena Mosaner (Beloff) on ABC Good Morning America: Hypnosis for Exercise Motivation

Using Hypnosis to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Hypnotism for a Broken Heart

How hypnosis can help you shed those extra pounds
featuring NYC Hypnotist Elena Mosaner (Beloff)

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Hypnosis 101 with Elena Mosaner (Beloff)

In 2011 Elena Mosaner (Beloff) taught an intensive 4-hour course in hypnosis.$249.99
The course was taped and is now available for sale.

Elena Mosaner (Beloff) helps a group of 6 students overcome inhibitions, as they are hypnotized to be celebrities, switch gender, regress to being kids - helping them discover different parts with themselves.

In this course you will learn:

Elena Mosaner (Beloff) has a unique and easy approach method of teaching hypnosis. It is entertaining, you will learn the basics and expand your understand of hypnosis, dispelling the myths and old stereotypes.